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Dec. 20th, 2011 02:07 pm
kirideth: (Computer Science)
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So I've been watching through Big Bang Theory with George. It has some problems, but overall I'm finding it quite entertaining. We're currently about halfway through the fourth season.

Amy was introduced not terribly long ago as a sort of "female Sheldon", so it's possible that I simply haven't seen enough of her to form an attachment to her character, but my initial reaction to her can be described by disappointment, at best. I've heard some people say that they find her to be an interesting character with dimension and agency, and, honestly, I don't see it. I feel like she's a flat stereotype.

Where, with Sheldon, his Aspie traits are played as parts to a whole character, I feel like with Amy, they're all she has to her. And, frankly, I find that a little insulting.

And, while I appreciate the idea behind "she sees no purpose to makeup" the overall effect (intended or not) is to cast her character as undesirable, since on film this makes her stand out in a way that feels like something's "wrong". And I feel like, as a person who shares some of her traits and who has had to deal with being treated as undesirable because of them, that the way this is handled adds insult to injury.

I can only hope that her character does improve by the time I catch up with the current air date, because as it is, I'm a little disappointed that people think this stereotype of a character is well-rounded.
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