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So since graduation, I've been looking for some kind of work within my general field. A relatively normal thing for a person to do, I suppose. Though harder than it sounds.

I have had very little success for whatever reason Maybe it's where I live, maybe they don't like my master's degree, maybe they're convinced that they can find someone with 15 years of experience. Who knows? The certainly don't tell me anything other than "we've looked over your resume with careful consideration but are unable to offer you employment at this time".

Anyway, I (very) recently decided to take a software position in downtown Minneapolis. (my first correspondence with them was roughly 3 weeks ago). I start tomorrow. It's not really what I want to do, and it pays less than I'd like it to, but at least it's something. And I'm still looking for something better.

However, like I said. I start tomorrow. This date was not negotiable in any way, due to their entry-level training stuff. I didn't even officially get my offer letter until this past Monday. In that time, I've been trying to figure out some way that I can manage to get to work until I can find an apartment. I can't really stay in Mapleton. Accounting for traffic, that's a 2 and a half hour commute (one way), roughly. For the time being I'm staying with my parents, but that's still an hour and a half/hour and 45 minute commute (also one way). And my back can't take that on a daily basis, so I'll probably have to find a different solution.

So right now, I'm both looking for an apartment that I can move into long-term (if people have suggestions for good places to look, I'm open to that...), AND trying to figure out what I'm going to do until then. On top of starting a new job. Also, once my training is over in a month, I'll be assigned to work with a client who probably won't be downtown. Only I don't know which client yet, or where. Or even for how long. So my best bet on an apartment is to look for something somewhat centrally located and hope for the best.

George is staying in Mapleton. I'm not sure how long he'll be staying in Mapleton. But a while at least. Eventually he'll move up with me, but I have to find a place to live, and be stable enough there that he *can* move.

So that's more or less what my situation is right now. And it has me a bit stressed out at the moment.

On a tangent, I've lost weight since the last time I've needed to look professional. So I needed new clothes. Only stores don't carry adult clothes that fit me, apparently. So I have to shop in the "juniors" section. And this presents a mess of problems. First of which is that it's hard to find "juniors" clothes that aren't jeans and screen-printed babydoll shirts. Second of which is that even if I do find something somewhat presentable, the pants are low-rise, and the shirts tight-fitting, low cut, or both. Though I think this might be a problem with women's clothes in general rather than just teenage girls clothes. Which goes hand-in-hand with business dress code not allowing women to wear anything tight-fitting or low-cut for a big ball of frustrating. (because boobs are just so unprofessional, you know? UGH) I don't even KNOW what the acceptable mid-point is between baggy and therefore sloppy, and too tight and therefore slutty. Or even if there IS one. I have shirts that are BOTH too baggy to look professional AND too tight in the bust at the same time. This acceptable appearance game is impossible to win.
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