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I am, overall, not particularly impressed with my first experience at Detour. In addition, from what I hear, it was better than past years? Which is kind of sad. I understand that it's a relatively new convention, and there are kinks to be worked out, but I don't think I'll consider going back until a few things happen. First and foremost being moving to a new hotel. Because I know they're stuck there through next year, I will not be attending next year.

They hit the 3000 person cap before opening ceremonies. The hotel is not large enough to accommodate more due to fire code. And I'm pretty sure that 3000 is really pushing it if day one was any indication. I overheated just *standing around* the first day. (I'd have been sitting, but there was, I estimate, a total of 50 places to sit outside of media/programming rooms. Maybe. Probably fewer.) Now, if you're familiar with my usual convention attire, overheating isn't something that should happen just doing nothing. And I mean serious overheating, with the nausea and the violent shaking and everything by the end of the day. Not to mention that standing in my shoes for hours on end... yeah, no. Luckily, I felt better in the morning. Gatorade plus water plus banana that evening.

The second and third days were better temperature-wise. (Maybe they didn't have the AC on Friday?) But it was still cramped and uncomfortable. The main hallways are too narrow for as much traffic as was going through them. Also, using regular hotel rooms for media rooms? Not so good.

Lots of minors at the convention. You couldn't move without accidentally touching someone with a bright yellow badge. More irritatingly is that the under-18s were allowed to run around unsupervised at late hours, and some of them were up to icky stuff, from what I heard.

Complaining aside, I still had a good time. Got to see people I don't see very often. Though there were others I wish I could have seen, but did not.

I do like that the main programming was broadcast on the hotel televisions. That was a nifty idea.

Major congrats to [ profile] yashakizu on her cosplay performance.

Date: 2007-03-26 11:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] luinied
B'oh. It was a lot less crowded two years ago when I went, although the children did still bother me. Then again, I'm easily bothered by children.


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